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Curated by Andrés Senra (New York) and Raisa Maudit (Madrid)

Organized by Storm and Drunk. 

A "Dispossessed Academy" is a cultural and artistic project organized by Storm and Drunk and performed and curated by Raisa Maudit and Andrés Senra. It proposes the creation of a virtual and physical meeting space in different sessions for the construction of collective, accessible, and transdisciplinary knowledge through processes of artistic creation and thought. These processes include current reflections on the paradigm shifts that have occurred in the early decades of the 21st century, which are marginalized or excluded from institutional and official realms of contemporary thought and art.

The Dispossessed Academy aims to address emerging practices in seemingly diverse fields of knowledge such as biotechnology, philosophy, performance, architecture, ecology, history, arts, mysticism, metaphysics, performative rituals, and magical thinking. These practices are reflected in the artistic production of a series of agents, collectives, art spaces, and national, local, and international artists who reframe the relationships between community artivism and the otherness of the dispossessed, the interspecies relationships that build caring communities with the planet, the questioning of the human as an anthropocentric discourse, feminist and spiritual practices that work from mysticism as a creative impulse, text and archive as forms of artistic and plastic practice, magic and ritual practices that propose the creation of communities of affection and individual and collective transformation through performance and its documentary recording, the relationships between art and healing in relation to the spaces we inhabit, whether physical or virtual, queer feminism and postcolonialism as streams of thought that are articulating networks of questioning historical global hierarchies through horizontal and collaborative artistic practices.

The Academy is part of the Independent Spaces Grants Program of the Madrid City Council.

In the different sessions, the following entities are participating: Interior Beauty Salon (NY), Visionary Woman Research Group (various countries - Europe), The Book Lovers (Antwerp), Ruth Somalo, The Queer Museum (Vienna), The College of Psychic Studies (London), El Conuco, Latinx and Ibero-American Center (NY).

Futura Light es una fuente inspirada en elementos del diseño de Bauhaus. Ideal para destacar titulares, pancartas, logotipos, y más.

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