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Transparaíso en Casa de Indias

Del 1 de julio al 7 de agosto del 2022

Pedro Muñoz Seca 48.

El Puerto de Santa María (Cádiz)


Ciudad Corporación 2068

Exposición en Swinton Gallery, Madrid

9-18 abril 2021

Senra 2020-Expo1.jpg

Una alianza contra natura de deseo

Exposición en Swinton Gallery, Madrid

archivo queer?
we keep screwing it up.

- Archivo Queer? Screwing the system (Madrid 1989 - 1995)
02.07 – 25.09.2016
Curator: Fefa Vila Núñez, independent researcher, in association with Museo Reina Sofia, Madrid.

Archivo Queer? consists of an open archive with a palimpsest of images, publications, videos and writings from public performances, actions and campaigns of queer movements in Madrid in the early 1990s, a time when the AIDS crisis was a pandemic. The archive, presented here for the first time, aims to subvert hetero-centric and patriarchal forms of categorization through its formation and display. Archivo  Queer? is initiated by Fefa Vila Núñez, promoter of the artist group LSD and Sejo Carrascosa of the group Radical Gai – with the collaboration of the artist Andrés Senra and the researcher Lucas Platero - developed over a yearlong residency at Reina Sofia. 
Artists: Archivo Queer? is comprised of material drawn from collective production in the late eighties and nineties by activists who collaborated with LSD and Radical Gai.

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